Meet Your High Performance Coach!

Meet Coach Andrea:

Hello – I’m so glad to see you here! One thing I know about you:  You are truly someone who has so much to offer the world!

 I’m Andrea Carson, mom of six, and a Certified High Performance Coach! You may be wondering - what is High Performance Coaching?

My mission is to help women go beyond just "doing our best," to living a charged-up life, where we're firing on all cylinders: fully-engaged, joyful, confident, and moving forward in all areas of life. I love to ultra-empower women, for 'such a time as this'. What I know is that women are amazing and resilient. We really have so much more inside of us than we are tapping into right now. We can learn to master core skills, that the world's highest performers practice, to fully live a life we love and make our impact. The world needs YOU.

I believe, in this time in history more than ever before, we have an important mission and part to play. To me this is urgent. As women, we get so busy with actions in life, like work, home, relationships, finances, and maybe raising children, too. Sometimes we give so much, we just aren’t firing on all cylinders anymore. We know we fall short, but we know we can do better. So we work harder and harder, and sometimes feel overwhelmed! I know what it's like to work so hard that you completely burn out. But there's hope!!!

My goal is to help women go beyond just "doing our best", to living a charged-up life, where we're fully-engaged, joyful, confident, and happy and moving forward in all areas of life.

Do you feel energetic and vibrant? Are you highly influential? And productive? I mean productive, not in a check-list way, but in a way that you feel you're "really living", that your relationships are rich, and that you're really making a difference in this world?

It's ok! No one has specifically TAUGHT us how to do everything and not burn out.

That's where I step in. I'm certified to teach and coach you forward with High Performance principles, based on neuroscience and behavioral psychology. These principles are proven effective and are gleaned from the most successful and balanced people in the world. Women like Oprah and Arianna Huffington, who seem to already have it all, have taken this same valuable training, because they know they have "more". We all have more to tap into, no matter where we are right now.  I have this certification because I want to give my clients the very best.  This is my life's passion.

I consistently get to see women move ahead by leaps and bounds beyond what they had even imagined.  It is an honor to be on this trusted journey with you. I often get feedback that women appreciate the "safe space" we create to do so. This level of high performance training is not likely to come from a boss, well-meaning friends, a partner, or your family. Teachers don't teach it.   High Performance Coaching programs move you forward in a laser-focused and individualized way tailored to YOU and the magic you create.  

Are you ready to create a life you love, a life of impact, so you are performing at your peak, consistently, and living beyond standard norms? Then you're ready for high performance coaching!  

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1. Certified High Performance Coach, personally trained by Brendon Burchard of the High Performance Institute in CA

2. Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach,  graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC 

3. Board Certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners  AADP

4. Certified Level 3 Learning Success Coach,  Learning Success Institute in Ventura, CA.  

Studying the brain, and learning techniques that eliminate problems and poor self-image often created in the traditional classroom, Andrea studied various learning styles, dispositions and modalities that unlock our genius within.  Our mind and body are very synchronized and we come into alignment by understanding our uniqueness in both areas.

Andrea has also learned other techniques to help connect and align the mind and body to reduce stress and create emotional freedom, to open up discovery of our unique purpose.

5. Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from the University of Kentucky.

The love for growing clean, whole food began as a small child helping her dad in the family garden, and cooking with her grandmother. Understanding animal and human biology, and nutrition, helped Andrea further develop an awareness of how we respond vitally to our life & nutrition choices.




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