Mastering Pillars Individual Coaching Program

Are you an amazing woman who simply has way too much on her plate

You're not alone!  We've been TAUGHT: "You can do anything!" , but then that "anything" turns into EVERYTHING!!!   Job... home... relationships... family... You name it!  But NO ONE has ever TAUGHT us to perform at our peak,  consistently, without fatigue or health breakdowns!


  • You find yourself always working harder and harder trying to do it all, and be it all.
  • You're struggling with exhaustion, weight issues, brain fog or mental fatigue?

Well let me assure you....

If.... you're determined to find a better way, for yourself and your family.... 
If.... you want to feel alive again..... vibrant... laser-focused... productive.... and most of all... balanced...
If.... You're ready to enjoy, and love your life more...
You are in the right place!

I'm Andrea Carson, a Certified High-Performance Coach!

I train and empower ambitious women to experience life mastery.

Through my 12-week One on One Coaching Program, called "Women Mastering the Pillars of High Performance," you can experience accelerated proficiency in the areas of

Psychology - mastering your mind 
Physiology - increasing your ENERGY and health
Productivity - like a ninja!!!
People skills: like influence and persuasion
and best of all stepping into your extraordinary Life Purpose, and everything wraps around this so you can become your best you!

With each session, you'll learn and apply the proven, most critical skills of the world's Highest Performers and Influencers, and finally move the needle to that next level of excellence you know you have.  


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Discover how coaching can help you with high performance. 

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