From Overwhelm To Lit Up



From Overwhelm to Lit Up!
Beating Burnout Before it Begins - 6 Part Audio Training

Here are a few things this special gift will help you achieve:

6 Audio Modules are crafted to give you the tools you need to stay calm, focused and energized in the pursuit of your goals. They explore what burnout is, how it happens, what signs to notice, how to avoid it, and how to bounce back if burnout strikes you. Plus there are many strategies for managing your well-being so you don’t even become at risk for burnout. Each 5-7 minute module is designed to help you develop a stronger, healthier, more resilient YOU.

In these short and impactful training programs, you will discover:

  • The #1 reason that you over commit…and how to fix it
  • The 3 mental traps that will burn you out if you let them
  • How to discover and design your deepest emotional motivators so you stay inspired and not get worn down
  • A tested and proven 4-step Burnout Bounceback Plan
  • How to stop the downward spiral of burnout in its tracks…at any stage of its development
  • The 3 vital strengths you need to offset burnout’s damaging effects
  • And much, much more…

These lessons give you everything you need to design your very own emotional defense system, so that you can stay on track and motivated to create the rich, rewarding life of joy and fulfillment that you deserve, instead of getting caught up in the demands and pressures of life and ultimately succumbing to burnout.

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